Blue Bird Vision Activity Bus


Best in Class Visability A Blue Bird Vision Activity Bus carries many of the same features that make a Blue Bird school bus one of the safest vehicles on the road. (As cited by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System at the U.S. Department of Transportation, school buses are 60 times safer than passenger cars, light trucks, or vans.) Among these “school bus construction features” are Blue Bird’s signature one piece roof bows for maximum roll-over protection and 20 gauge galvanized steel side panels to create a wall of protection around passengers.

Adding to high safety standards, the Vision’s purpose-built, angled hood offers the greatest loading and unloading zone field of vision in any conventional Type C bus to provide drivers’ with this key safety feature. Blue Bird’s exclusive Safety View™ Vision Panel further increases the driver’s view of the critical lower right front loading and unloading zone.

For added protection, customers may choose to purchase a Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB), which meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for a school bus without the typical traffic controlling devices (stop arm, warning lights, etc.) found on a traditional school bus. The Blue Bird Vision MFSAB; therefore, offers customers the maximum level of protection found with school bus construction without the restrictions of traveling to and from a school.

Option Flexibility

Optional Equipment Flexibility on a Blue Bird Vision Activity/MFSAB Bus
The Blue Bird Vision Activity/MFSAB Bus allows for almost an infinite combination of options to customize each bus to specific needs. These options can range from reclining “activity” seats with or without seatbelts to underfloor storage perfect for carrying luggage or sports and band equipment. Aftermarket equipment such as video screens or GPS systems can be installed at the Blue Bird dealer level. Paint schemes can be tailored to match an organization’s signature colors. The Vision even offers customers a choice between diesel and propane fuel platforms.

Activity bus customers needing a vehicle to withstand the roughest routes can take advantage of Blue Bird's 4-Wheel-Drive Package with combines Blue Bird's rugged construction and established strength with the 4-wheel drive experience of Marmon-Herrington. The 4-Wheel Drive option for Blue Bird's large bus line provides:
  • Better traction in adverse conditions, such as sand, mud and snow
  • Better steering control as it reduces rear end sway
  • Hi Range 4WD – for traction when the area is not steep such as extremely slippery conditions or rocky gravel roads
  • Low Range 4WD – for climbing or descending steep hills or passing through sandy areas or shallow water


The Blue Bird Vision Activity/MFSAB offers customers many of the same options as an over the road motorcoach for a fraction of the cost, ensuring that customers make the most of their budgets. Adding to the affordability of the Vision is the low total cost of ownership delivered by the durable Blue Bird construction; these rigorous standards deliver higher uptime, lower maintenance and repair costs, and extended years over the lifetime of the Blue Bird. This value also ensures that the Blue Bird Vision Activity/MFSAB Bus will fetch a higher resale price when its initial run is through.

Special Needs

The Blue Bird Vision Activity/MFSAB not only offers safety and security, but it also directly caters to special needs students. Blue Bird understands that special needs passengers require unique features and has engineered these qualities into the design of the Blue Bird Vision to provide peace of mind for parents and transportation professionals.

Special NeedsSpecific Special Needs Equipment/Options include:
  • Recessed wheelchair track and tie-down for safe and secure transport
  • Increased maneuverability from the short wheelbase and superior handling/steering to enable tight turn and curbside pick-ups if needed
  • Smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon and flexible wheelchair securement track locations
  • Optional flat floor for maximum configuration flexibility
  • Comfort Aire, Blue Bird's integrated air conditioning systems, for maintaining passenger compartment temperatures with maximum efficiency and the quality only provided from an OEM installed component
  • Exceptional passenger ride quality with Blue Bird's energy absorbing rubber isolater mounting system


For more information or a complete list of specifications for the Blue Bird Vision, please download a .pdf copy of our Blue Bird Vision brochures. If you would like to request a paper version of any of these brochures, you may do so by contacting our sales department.

Download PDF Blue Bird Vision Activity/MFSAB Specification Sheet 377Kb
Download PDF Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision Activity/MFSAB Specification Sheet 388Kb