Blue Bird Vision School Bus

Chassis Advantages

Best in Class Visability With the Blue Bird Vision launch in 2003, Blue Bird unveiled its first dedicated Type C school bus chassis, marking the fulfillment of decades of bus-building experience and purpose-built engineering focus. The result of these endeavors, has made the Type C school bus chassis the only dedicated Type C school bus chassis in the market today, meaning the Blue Bird Vision chassis is designed, tested, constructed and used solely for passenger transportation without any crossover into freight trucks, construction vehicles, or other medium-duty trucking applications.

The Vision chassis’ single scope enables it to offer exclusive features and advantages not available on competitor products, such as the Vision’s angled hood which provides the greatest forward line of sight in the industry in a Type C conventional school bus, reducing the risk of accidents and improving driver satisfaction and peace of mind.

Finally, the Blue Bird Vision chassis boasts a high level of precision and optimization. Not only is premium quality built into every Blue Bird feature, but all supplier components are also chosen with reliability and purpose in mind. From a variety of engine choices and fuel platforms to the exceptional maneuverability delivered by the Hendrickson axle, the Blue Bird Vision is designed for exceptional handling and performance throughout the entire life of the product.

Safety View Vision Panel

Body Advantages

The Blue Bird Vision school bus’ body design is engineered specifically with safety and reliability in mind, continuing the precedent set by its purpose-built chassis foundation. The Blue Bird Vision utilizes Blue Bird’s trademark one-piece roof bow and unitized body construction for unrivaled safety and dependability. Heavy-duty structural components from front to rear form a sturdy steel fortress around passengers and provide extra strength that adds years to the life of bus.

Building off Blue Bird’s purpose-built product strategy for maximum quality and optimization, the Blue Bird Vision body design includes exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value. Particularly key to the Blue Bird Vision is the Vision’s patented Safety View™ Vision Panel which increases the driver’s view at the lower right front loading and unloading zone. A Blue Bird exclusive, the panel is made from laminated glass with a wide-angled Fresnel lens to provide a better view in this critical safety area while ensuring that the Blue Bird Vision maintains its focus on visibility.

Special Needs

The Blue Bird Vision school bus not only offers safety and security, but it also directly caters to special needs students. Blue Bird understands that special needs passengers require unique features and has engineered these qualities into the design of the Blue Bird Vision to provide peace of mind for parents and transportation professionals.

Special NeedsSpecific Special Needs Equipment/Options
  • Recessed wheelchair track and tie-down for safe and secure transport
  • Increased maneuverability from the short wheelbase and superior handling/steering to enable tight turn and curbside pick-ups if needed
  • Smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon and flexible wheelchair securement track locations
  • Optional flat floor for maximum configuration flexibility
  • Comfort Aire, Blue Bird's integrated air conditioning systems, for maintaining passenger compartment temperatures with maximum efficiency and the quality only provided from an OEM installed component
  • Exceptional passenger ride quality with Blue Bird's energy absorbing rubber isolater mounting system
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